Welcome to Midtown Smiles, where your dental health is our top priority. Based in the heart of Nashville, TN, and serving surrounding locations such as Germantown, The Gulch, Music Row, Midtown Nashville, and SoBro, we specialize in wisdom teeth removal—a procedure that promises not only to alleviate pain but also to prevent potential dental issues down the line. Let Dr. Terry Watson guide you through this transformative experience.

What Are the Benefits of Wisdom Teeth Removal?

Removing impacted wisdom teeth can save you from a lifetime of dental problems. When wisdom teeth cannot emerge or grow normally, they become a haven for bacteria, risking severe infection, decay, and damage to adjacent teeth. By opting for wisdom teeth removal in Nashville, TN, you protect your oral health while minimizing future complications.

How Should I Prepare for Wisdom Teeth Removal?

Preparation is crucial for any surgical procedure, and wisdom teeth removal is no different. At Midtown Smiles, a dental X-ray will be the first step in your treatment plan, giving us a comprehensive look at the state of your impacted teeth. Dr. Terry Watson will walk you through the process, ensuring you're aware of each step involved in the procedure, from anesthesia options to post-surgical care.

How Long Does This Procedure Take?

The duration of the wisdom teeth removal procedure varies from patient to patient, depending on the complexity of the impaction and the number of teeth being removed. However, the surgery typically lasts between 45 minutes to an hour per tooth. With our expert team and advanced dental technologies, we aim to make your experience as quick and comfortable as possible.

What Happens During Wisdom Teeth Removal?

We begin by administering a sedative of your choice to ensure you're comfortable throughout the procedure. After making an incision in the gums, the wisdom tooth is extracted, and the incision is sutured closed. Our state-of-the-art facility is designed to ensure you experience minimal discomfort, and you can expect some pain and swelling for the first few days following the surgery.

Dos and Don'ts After Wisdom Tooth Extraction

Aftercare is critical for smooth recovery. Do make sure to follow all the guidelines we provide, such as avoiding solid foods and refraining from strenuous activities for a few days. Don't smoke or drink through straws as this can interfere with the healing process. Midtown Smiles prides itself on comprehensive post-surgery support, ensuring that you're well on your way to full recovery.

What Are the Risks or Complications of Extraction?

As with any surgical procedure, wisdom teeth removal comes with its set of risks, including infection, nerve damage, and dry socket. However, when you choose Midtown Smiles for your wisdom teeth removal in Nashville, TN, you're choosing a practice with a strong track record of safety and success.

How Long After Wisdom Teeth Removal Can I Eat?

Generally, you should stick to liquids and soft foods for the first 24-48 hours. Slowly reintroduce harder foods as you feel comfortable. Our team will provide you with a comprehensive list of food recommendations tailored to your specific needs.